Meet Dr. Scott Stoll

Dr. Stoll is the co-founder of The Plantrician Project, The International Plant Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference, The International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention, and the Regenerative Health Institute, a unique collaborative project with the Rodale Institute that integrates a regenerative vision for human health, agriculture, and the environment. He is a member of the Google FoodLab, serves on the advisory board at Whole Foods for their healthcare clinics and served as a member of the Whole Foods Scientific and Medical Advisory Board. Dr.Stoll is the Chairman of the board for The Plantrician Project.

Every year Dr. Stoll hosts the very popular one week health immersion, Dr. Stoll’s Total Health Immersion in Naples Florida and helps attendees restore and optimize their health, overcome addictions, and develop a sustainable regenerative lifestyle. In addition to authoring several books including Your Next Bite and numerous scientific articles, Dr. Stoll has appeared on national shows including the Dr. Oz show, hosted a 2018 PBS special Food As Medicine, and numerous documentaries including Eating You Alive, Wait till its Free, and The Game Changers. As well as being a published author and member of the 1994 Olympic Bobsled Team, he is a highly sought-after international speaker. Dr. Stoll and his family live in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Stoll’s Involvement

Dr. Stoll is served as a member of the Whole Foods Scientific Medical Advisory Board, assisting and advising the creation of a culture of health for the 53,000 employees and in the 300 stores worldwide including the Dr. Stoll one-week health immersion held biannually. He co founded the Plantrician Project, a not for profit 501c3, the International Plant Based Nutrition Healthcare conference, The International Cardiovascular Summit co-chaired with the President of the American College of Cardiology, educating and inspiring healthcare professionals to use whole food plant based nutrition as a foundation for healing and disease prevention. In 2010, Dr. Stoll served with Samaritan’s Purse in Haiti and as a board member of TEAMS for medical missions outreach to Jamaica.

Since 2010, Dr. Stoll has conducted week-long intensive health programs or immersions. These seven-day immersions provide the most up-to-date information on nutrition, physical activity, and culinary education, as well as encouragement, coaching, and vision casting.

Books and Other Media

He is the author of the best selling book The Change, and Alive! A Physician’s Biblical & Scientific Guide to Nutrition, monthly article in 3 international magazines, numerous scientific articles, and chapters in Rethink Food. He has appeared in a number of documentaries including Eating You Alive and Wait Til Its Free.

Dr. Stoll can be heard daily on his radio program, Health Minutes, in the Lehigh Valley, daily Health minutes on Channel 60 TV and in lectures nationally and internationally. He can also be seen in guest appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, Live with Marilu Henner, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and Daystar Television.
Dr. Stoll and his wife, Kristen, reside in Pennsylvania with their four sons and two daughters, where they are actively involved in their church and community organizations.

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